Call for applications for Erasmus + scholarships for staff at Zagreb School of Business, Croatia

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Call for applications for scholarships under the Erasmus + program at Zagreb School of Business

The University College of Business is pleased that within the framework of International Credit Mobility (Erasmus +) in cooperation with the Zagreb School of Business, Croatia invites its academic staff (full-time commitment) for scholarship applications for the academic year 2021-2022.

Duration of scholarships:

It is determined depending on the Agreement that the University College of Business has concluded with
Zagreb School of Business.

The objectives of mobility for teaching or training are:

  • Promoting the dissemination and exchange of knowledge, content and experience across national borders and establishing synergies for the purpose of further research and development cooperation between institutions,
  • Improving the competencies related to the professional and pedagogical profile of the staff and improving the quality of their work,
  • Promoting student and staff mobility (promoting internationalization abroad);
  • Improving knowledge of foreign languages ​​and better understanding of social, linguistic and cultural diversity,
  • A broader understanding of education practices, policies and systems across countries,
  • Recognition and introduction of innovations according to changes in international cooperation in educational organizations,
  • Increased motivation and satisfaction in daily work,
  • In the case of mobility for teaching, the dissemination and exchange of pedagogical methods, forms and approaches of teaching across national borders is promoted.

Types of mobility include:

  • Exchange of academic staff (with full-time commitment) for teaching or training;


Zagreb School of Business will consider the following documents in the application:

Selection criteria

The selection criteria are as follows (in case there is more interest than the available places):

  • mobility contribution or benefits for the ZSB and the University College of Business,
  • Candidate mobility suitability (assessed on the basis of cover letter and interview – if necessary),
  • Pedagogical activity or achievements of the candidate in the University College of Business,
  • Date of submission of the application.

The selection process will be implemented fairly and transparently.

The selection of candidates is done by the Erasmus Commission, chaired by the Institutional Coordinator for Erasmus +.

Candidates will be informed of the selection decision through resolution.

The above required documentation must be submitted in person, at the Office of Scientific Research and
Projects at the Rectorate of the University College of Business or can be sent to the e-mail address:
[email protected]

Deadline for application: January 29, 2022

University College “I Biznesit” wishes you many successes in your application!


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