We are Hiring!

We are Hiring!

University College of Business  “KUB” announces the competition for:

Vacancies for full-time and part-time academic staff for the academic year 2018-2019, at the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law and College of Higher Professional Studies at KUB.

In the Fields:
• Business Administration
• Finance-Accounting
• Economic information
• Justice
• Business Law
• Criminal Law
• Mechanical engineering
• Electrical Engineer
• Computer Engineering


1. Be in the process of protection of the degree Doctor of Science (possession of the degree Doctor of Science is a priority)
2. Be specialized in the above fields
3. Have experience in teaching (preferably over three years)
4. Have knowledge of contemporary teaching methods and scientific research
5. Priority is given to the knowledge of English language certified by international tests
6. Advantage has experience in research and participation in projects
7. Not to be sentenced by a final court decision.
Priority is given to scientific publications in the relevant field.
Documentation and Application:
1. Written request;
2. Curriculum vitae;
3. The degree of undergraduate studies. For diplomas obtained at foreign universities, a certificate of recognition from MAS;
4. Proof of postgraduate qualifications or degrees and titles. For Master / Ph.D. diplomas received at foreign universities, a certificate of recognition from the MAS or certification that is in the process of recognition;
5. At least two references from the professors of the respective faculty;
6. Proof of foreign language possession;
Those interested in the above positions should submit the application documentation (PDF version) by 30.06.2018 at [email protected]

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