Dear students,

The transition period to college is as beautiful as a difficult choice that sets your profession in the future. But nowadays you have all the information you need to evaluate and make the right choice. So I want to remind everyone that the student is not genetically predisposed to become x or y, neither the origins or the family conditions decide who will be in the future
The University College of Business throughout its history has offered over 550 scholarships for all students with high scores, active students, students with difficult economic conditions, etc.
So, without excluding anyone, you have all the opportunities, conditions and support to follow your dreams and achieve success in life.

University College of Business is always partner and supportive of students even after completing their studies, enabling them career counseling, training, and employment opportunities.

I wish you success in the path of knowledge!

President of UCB

Prof. Ass. Dr. Ylber BEZO

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