Prospective Students

Our mission is to help students to broaden their knowledge and interests, develop creative potential, and learn about their strengths and personal values.

  • UCB encourages student initiatives: business projects, cultural events, support and encourage students to participate in national and international activities, student conferences. For several years now, student government with the support of UCB has organized and continues to organize various activities such as cultural, human, artistic, sportive, entertainment and health activities. 
  • UCB has continuously signed cooperation agreements with institutions and local businesses, and not only, to accomplish internships and employment of its students. The Carrier and Employment Office assists in the employment of students through social partners and affiliates such as: “Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana”, the Association of Women Business Professionals and Skilled Crafts, Approved Accounting Association and a significant number of accounting offices and law studios.
  • Footballs for men and women volleyball are some of the activities that have been part of some sports activities organized by organizations and higher education institutions. UCB has its own team football, with excellent students who have good skills in playing football.
  • UCB has also given special support to excellent students by making it possible to participate in joint student conferences with other HEIs.
  • UCB has also created a student support policy, offering scholarships to students with higher average scores, students in need, and so on.

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