Professional Master

The Faculty of Economics offers graduating programs of the second cycle as 

  1. Accounting Finance (1 & 2 years, 60 & 120 ECTS);
  2. Business Management (1 & 2 years, 60 & 120 ECTS);

This program offers to the graduate of the first cycle of education (bachelor) further professional training in the field of business management and accounting finance. They are made with 60 credits and the normal duration is 1 or 2 years.

The main objectives of these programs of study are:

  • To extend the knowledge gained in the first cycle of studies;
  • To provide students with the deeper theoretical knowledge and professional practice with proper training in economics, accounting, finance, management and other fields related to them;
  • To provide students with general and professional competence in the context of managerial and accounting finance;
  • To prepare skilled specialists with necessary knowledge in management services, such as enterprise management, production management, operations, marketing, sales or specific sectors to work and contribute to the development of the country and to be efficient in decision making;
  • To archive prepared and qualified specialists in the field of accounting and finance. The gained knowledge through these programs will enable the fulfillment of the labor market in the private and public sector and beyond. So, increasing employment opportunities in large companies that operate in their country and also the region;
  • To provide graduate students the necessary training and qualification in accordance with the requirements of the labor market to create them new vision globalization and the integration of Albania into the EU, in accordance with the required standards;

To achieve these objectives the program provides academic research in areas such as Management, Economic Management, and Information Management and in specific subjects such as Management Operations, Strategic Management, Project Management, etc.

The Professional Master Study programs  base their success in:

  • Prepared and professional experience, competence and commitment of the academic staff;
  • Modern infrastructure set up for this purpose by KUB;
  • Institution Cooperation with other actors in the public and private sectors in the region and beyond.


The professional figure formed by these programs in that of a specialist manager, accountant, and financier in the public and private sector. In this context, the program offers the possibility of preparing a qualified specialist in finance sectors of the economy or even beyond a general manager, including the areas of drafting project and strategies, whether in public or private sectors range, local, regional and national levels, starting from the casting stages of the ideas to their effective implementation and services of the environmental community in which we live.

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