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University College of Business is organizing the VIIth International Scientific Conference entitled:


as a collaboration between its three main units: the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Law and the College of Higher Professional Studies.  This event comes this year as one of the forms of expression of cooperation between the parties through the development of Scientific Research in multidisciplinary fields such as: economics, law, education, socio-political sciences and professional studies.


Supporting partners in the development of the UCB VIIth International Scientific Conference are:

  • Institute for Applied Studies in Business – IASB – Tirana, Albania;
  • EUROPEAN INSTITUTE of Management, Laë and Diplomacy – North Macedonia;
  • Ljubljana School of Business- VSPV – Slovenia;
  • S.Skovorda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University – Ukraine;
  • Higher School of Insurance and Finance – VUZF – Bulgaria;
  • Baltic International Academy – Latvian Republic;
  • Andrei Saguna University – Romania
  • University College “Canadian Institute of Technology”- Tirana, Albania;
  • Higher school of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship (VUZF University) – Bulgaria



All the conference paper presentations will be published in the ISBN codebook issue and the best rated by the Scientific Board will be published in the next  issie of the  “Scientific Journal of Professional Studies (SJPS)” with E-ISSN 2520-0933 and ISSN 2412-5865 (Print) code.


The official language of the conference will be Albanian and English.


The conference will be held on June 18th, 2020, near the premises of this Institution, in the Conference Room of Building B of the University College of Business Campus.




To better organize the development of the plenary sessions in parallel, we will orient the division of the presentations in this conference according to the following three areas::

  • Education;
  • Economy, Finance and Accounting, Management, Marketing and Tourism;
  • Computer Science, Information Technology;
  • Law;
  • Proffesional Studies




The following points will serve as guiding topics for the proceedings of the Conference but they are not limiting;


  • Education – Education will help us build a future!
  • Literature, Languages, Education and Social Sciences empowerment;
  • Education Reform;
  • Trends in Academic and Practical Research;
  • The education system in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • The challenge of distance learning / online learning for teachers, different work & stress;
  • Renovation of education in high school and in elementary school;
  • Problems of social isolation in distance learning and psychological consequences on youth;
  • Improvements in education to facilitate integration into the work process and job creation;


  • Economics in the profiles of Finance, Accounting, Management, Administration, Tourism, Marketing, Auditing and Business Informatics.
  • The Role of Digitalization in Education.
  • Global Sustainability;
  • The challenges and opportunities of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  • Challenges & Opportunities in Economics, Management and Multidisciplinary Social Science perspective.


  • Legal in Public, Civil, Criminal and Business Law profiles.
  • Dynamics and problems in emergency situations, in the Context of International Relations.
  • Institutional and procedural guarantees during the pandemic situation;
  • The rights committed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the reactions of States to it;
  • Challenges and Innovations of the Integration of the Western Balkans Region in the Pandemic Period;
  • Legal rights and finance;
  • Protection of minority shareholders in fragmented owned joint stock companies;
  • Disaster Response – a test and trend for the development of society.
  • Maintaining living standards – Responsibility of Institutions and Society.
  • Emergencies – The mentality of the past.


  • Professional Technical Studies in Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Profiles and beyond:.
  • Renewable Energy;
  • Robotic Process Automation;
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering;
  • Education and Information Technology;
  • Technology Trend after the Covid-19;
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning;



  • 30 April 2021           Abstracts submission deadline;
  • 07 May  2021           Abstracts submission aproval;
  • 07 June  2021         Fee Payment deadline and sending the mandate;
  • 14 June  2021          Full paper submission;
  • 16 June  2021         Sending the Conference Program and the Conference link.



  1. Prof. As. Dr. Ylber BEZO, Vice Rector, University College of Business, Tirana, Chairman
  2. Prof. Dr. Leandro HAXHI, Rector, University College of Business, Tirana, Member.
  3. Prof. As. Dr. Simon GEGA, Dean, Faculty of Law, University College of Business, Tirana, Member.
  4. Prof. Dr. Bardhyl ÇIPI, University of Tirana, Tirana, Member.
  5. As.Dr. Asllan HAJDËRI, Director of Higher Professional Studies College, UCB, Member.
  6. Ardi BEZO, Executive Director, UCB, Tirana, Member.
  7. Prof. As. Dr. Andrea RAGUSA, University of Siena, Italy, Member.
  8. Prof.Dr. Alfred MULLAI, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana, Tirana, Member.
  9. Dr. Ingrid SHULI, Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana, Tirana, Member.
  10. As.Dr. Fran BRAHIMI, Ministry of Finance, Tirana, Member.
  11. As.Dr. Kujtim DULE, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana, Tirana, Member.
  12. Dr. Flutura KALEMI, Agriculture University of Tirana, Tirana, Member.
  13. As.Dr. Spartak BOZO, Sports University, Tirana, Member.
  14. As.Dr. Leonard DANGLLI, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana, Tirana, Member.
  15. As.Dr. Fatmir MEMAJ, Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana, Tirana, Member.
  16. As.Dr. Kujtim KAPLLANI, University College of Business
  17. Prof. Dr. Juliana LATIFI, Chairwoman, Competition Authority, Parliament of Albania, Tirana, Member.
  18. Prof. Viktoria Ushmarova – Dr.Sc, Head of the Professional Education Department, H.S.Skovorda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University, Member,
  19. Prof. Nataliia Ponomariova – Dr.Sc, Head of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, H.S.Skovorda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University, Member,
  20. Prof.Yilona Kostikova- Dr.Sc., Head of the English language theory and practice Department, H.S.Skovorda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University, Member,
  21. Prof. Dr. Massimo BIANCHI, University of Bologna, Italy, Member.
  22. Prof.Dr. Myslym OSMANI, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana, Member.
  23. Dr. Vjollca BAKIU, Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana, Tirana, Member.
  24. Prof.univ.Dr. Andra Seceleanu Vice-rector, Andrei Saguna University, Member.
  25. Prof.univ.Dr. Aurel Papari, President of Andrei Saguna University, Member.
  26. Prof.As.Dr. Ina PAGRIA, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana, Member.
  27. Univ.Dr. Dan Claudiu DANISOR, Rector, Craiova University, Romania, Member.
  28. Prof. Dr. Remzi KECO, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana, Member.
  29. Dr.oec., Professor Stanislav Buka, Baltic International Academy, Member.
  30. Dr.psych., Professor Irina Plotka, Baltic International Academy, Member.
  31. Dr.iur., Associate professor Tatyana Yurkevich, Baltic International Academy, Member.
  32. Enis FITA, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Economics, University College of Business, Member.
  33. Univ.Dr. Lucian SAULEANU, Professor, Craiova University, Romania, Member.
  34. PhD.  Efrat KEDEN-TAHAR, Haifa University, Israel, Member.
  35. Jaup ZENUNI, College of Higher Professional Studies, CUB, Member,
  36. MA. (hon) Andy Zdan- Michajloëicz, Chroland Assoc. Ltd, UK
  37. PhD. Nataliia KALASHNYK, University of Kiev, Ukraine, Member,
  38. PhD Zendel Abedin Shehi – European Institute of Management, Law and Diplomacy, North Macedonia, Member,
  39. Doc. Dr. Ismail ALII, Ministry of Education and Science of North Macedonia, Member
  40. PhD Viktoria Soliar – Head of the Financial Theory, Economics and Audit Department, H.S.Skovorda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University, Member,
  41. PhD Milena Fornazarič – Ljubljana School of Business, Member,
  42. PhD Lidija Weis – Ljubljana School of Business, Member,
  43. PhD Ivan Toroš – Ljubljana School of Business, Member,
  44. PhD Oriola Musa, Lecturer, CIT, Member,
  45. PhD Altin Kulli, Lecturer, CIT, Member.
  46. Prof. Dr. Virginia Zhelyazkova – Vice-rector for education and quality management-VUZF, Member.
  47. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krassimit Todorov – Dean of the academic programme VUZF, Member.
  48. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Radostin Vazov – Vice-rector for european projects and continuing education, VUZF, Member.



  1. Dr. Irsida DINOSHI, Chairman
  2. Dr. Matilda META, Deputy Chair
  3. Dr. Marsid GUPI, Member.
  4. Dr. Ariet MALAJ, Member.
  5. Dr. Rezart DIBRA, Member.
  6. Ing. Azmer DULEVIÇ, Member.
  7. Msc. Elida TOLI, Member.
  8. Msc. Sara LILO, Member..
  9. Msc. Armila XHEBRAJ, Member.

The conference is free only for papers submitted by members of the organizing institution and collaborating partners.

For other participants in the conference with individual work / co-authorship the fee will be 30 euros. The fee includes Certificate of Participation (online), a copy of the Book of Proceedings (online), a copy of the International Scientific Journal (ISSN online).



The abstract should have no more than 300-350 words and clearly indicate the purpose, methodology and conclusions of the paper. Authors can indicate the topic of the conference they are working on and provide 4-5 keywords. Please provide your name, title or rank, full address, affiliation and conference matter. Abstracts should be e-mailed to:: [email protected]


Abstract Template: Abstract Form



For questions or information about the conference please contact at: [email protected]. Please visit our site:

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