Dear students,

This is a very exciting moment for all of you young students, as it coincides with the beginning of an important journey in life, that of a university career. The success of your career is our primary priority, as the management and academic staff of the University College of Business, through our serious commitment to ensure that you benefit from education with the best contemporary standards in a welcoming environment where the talents and skills you already possess , can be best developed and enriched. As we continue to work daily to improve our quality to the highest standards of education nationally and internationally, the personal well-being and academic success of each of you is paramount in all aspects of the support we provide.
This is what we hope you will proudly accept this commitment and become an active member of the student body of the University College of Business, giving your best to become a successful student and a accomplished professional in life.

I wish you success in the path of knowledge!

President of UCB

Prof. Ass. Dr. Ylber BEZO

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