Student Life


Student government is the body that represents and defends the interests of the student. Student government is elected every two years in a democratic way by students and the supervision of a special group of professors.

Student Government goals are:

  • Including consistently students in various activities;
  • Promote and involvement of students in competitions outside the institution;
  • Develop and establish various proposals;
  • Consulting and guidance meetings for students;
  • Involvement in various discussions, etc.


Student Government representatives:


Eriona Çela – President Arbër Troka – Deputy President
Hedor Fejzaj Marina Boja
Ardit Kanushi Roland Sulaj
Eriola Peshtani Elvisa Hasvata
Suzana Imaku Artan Gjoni
Altin Herri Valsona Palushi
Blendi Kola Suela Yzbashi
Brunilda Hoxha Ledio Shyti

#APBMag është një revistë studentore e cila është krijuar falë iniciativës studentore të APB-së. Në këtë revistë trajtohen dhe pasqyrohen eventet dhe nismat më të rëndësishme studentore, publikohen shkrime, përkthime dhe kërkime të ndryshme studentore. Kjo revistë realizohet falë kontributit vullnetarë të studentëve të APB-së. #APBMag është një revistë elektronike, e cila publikohet në mënyrë periodike çdo 3 muaj.

Duke ju falenderuar për leximin dhe kohën që i kushtuat revistave tona, jeni të lutur të na dërgoni sugjerimet, kritikat apo mundësitë e bashkëpunimit  tuaj në adresën e emailit: [email protected]


Revista Studentore, Qershor 2016

Klikoni për shfletimin e Revistës Studentore

Revista Studentore, Mars 2016

Klikoni për shfletimin e Revistës Studentore

Revista Studentore, Dhjetor 2015

Klikoni për shfletimin e Revistës Studentore


More reasons to study at PBA

Academic perfectness;

The study programs are realized by qualified professors, who are known for international academic and professional experience. Most of them have studied abroad, in west universities and are professionals on their each field.

Scholarships and financial support;

Our goal is to increase the quality of education in our country, for this reason we offer scholarships and financial support for all active and potential students.

Brilliant Career and Employment;

Over 80% of graduation students in PBA are employed in public and private administration. In PBA students can develop a wide range of transferring abilities, through studying and creative activities. The potential employees, co-work with us for selecting the potential students for their job vacancies.

Interactive and diverse education programs;

PBA offers teaching programs, composed related Bologna’s card and according to labor market. PBA gives priority to the students’ academic movements and internship.

Students have the ability to become professional in the field they have chosen and in the same time they combine practice with theory, through the help of  other professors and jobs that our academy offers.

Modern teaching methods;

PBA’s professors use modern teaching techniques and methods, they use modern technology and audio-visual elements. This methodology helps to develop analytic skills and critic thinking, creativity and students intelligence.

Individual care;

Career Office in PBA offers a special care and information for all students.

Being up-to-date;

We are considered as an innovative institution giving importance to topic that relate with our life, different economic and justice fields. We have a modern educative area and relaxing environments, internet cafe and a Wi-Fi network around our academy.

A variety of students;

Whenever you are and whoever you are, you are welcomed in PBA. In our institution is founded a diversity of students, coming from different countries of Albania and from Balkan. Study here is offered for all ages, everyone can study  in one of our education system; bachelor and master in both faculties in economy and law.

Unique experience in PBA;

In PBA students are engaged in different cultural and sportive activities, organized from students government. We can mention different minifootball champions  and volleyball champion, organized each year.


“Young European Leadership”

 June 17, 2016

That’s the topic of First National Students Conference of Professional Business Academy, which brought together over 30 students from public and private universities from Albania and Kosovo, from University of Tirana, University “Haxhi Zeka” Pejë-Kosovo, and Agricultural University of Tirana ecc. The conference opened by the greeting speech of Rector Prof. PhD. Irakli Kocollari, who welcomed and congratulated the students for this initiative in the field of research.   Panelists were PhD(c) Xhensila Pine and PhD(c) Enis Fita, who welcomed and followed with great attention the students presentations.

The agenda continued with some presentations and after that the students had the opportunity to enjoy the coffee brake provided by the organizers. Later the conference continued as anticipated agenda, which were also presented many interesting presentation, accompanied by many questions and discussions. This successful conference was concluded with sharing the certificates by the Dean of the Faculty of Law Prof. As. PhD. Simon Gega, this moment was accompanied of course with a lot of smiles and photos.

Professional Business Academy would like to thanks The Student  Government  for this grateful organization and expresses its full support for such activities and ongoing initiatives.

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