Student Governemnt

Student government is the body that represents and defends the interests of the student. Student government is elected every two years in a democratic way by students and the supervision of a special group of professors.

Student Government goals are:

  • Including consistently students in various activities;
  • Promote and involvement of students in competitions outside the institution;
  • Develop and establish various proposals;
  • Consulting and guidance meetings for students;
  • Involvement in various discussions, etc.

Student Government representatives:

Mrs. Fabiola Brahimaj – President Mr. Bjorn Zotaj – Deputy President
Mr. Elsid Doçi Mr. Igli Likmeta
Mrs. Valeria Hoxha Mr. Endri Shehi
Mrs. Vera Dabërdini Mr. Andi Cabej
Mr. Visar Aliaj Mr. Klaris Bakiasi
Mrs. Rezarta Sinani Mr. Misir Cela
Mr. Sergio Mecaj Mr. Bledar Okshtuni

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