Student Council

Student government is the body that represents and defends the interests of the student. Student council is elected every two years in a democratic way by students and the supervision of a special group of professors.

Student Council goals are:

  • Including consistently students in various activities;
  • Promote and involvement of students in competitions outside the institution;
  • Develop and establish various proposals;
  • Consulting and guidance meetings for students;
  • Involvement in various discussions, etc.

Student Council’s representatives:

No Name Surname Position Year Faculty The Cycle of Studies
1 Mrs. Fabiola Brahimaj President  II FL Master
2 Mr. Bjorn Zotaj Vice President II FE Master
3 Mrs. Anila Branko Senator I FL Master
4 Mr. Aligert Shaha Senator III FE Bachelor
5 Mrs. Xhoana Gjunga Senator III FL Bachelor
6 Mrs. Sadiela Brahimaj Senator II FE Bachelor
7 Mrs. Artila Dokle Senator II FL Bachelor
8 Mr. Kristi Beqo Senator I FE Bachelor
9 Mrs. Mediola Cobani Senator I FL Bachelor
10 Mrs. Brusilda Lusha Senator II CHPS Professional Studies
11 Mr. Adhurim Zeqja Senator II CHPS Professional Studies
12 Mr. Gerald Coniku Senator I CHPS Professional Studies
13 Mr. Alfred Semaj Senator I CHPS Professional Studies


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