Professional Training

In University College of Business is well established the “Institute for Research and Application in Business (ISAB)”, which operates as a nonprofit organization with the status of a center. The field of activity of the Institute is:


  • Conducting various studies and scientific research, in function and addressing the needs of the Albanian economy and the society within projects or not, engaged scientific capacities of academic staff or the KUB and other collaborators abroad;
  • The performance of services and the implementation of projects in good and in the interest of the country and the public regarding; sustainable development economy, business, tourism, public health, education, cultural values, etc., improving governance and rule of law, fight against corruption and informality, strengthening of institutions that improve establishment of democracy, environmental protection, strengthening of new generation capacities and organizations, strengthening cooperation and partnership in the areas of civil society, etc.
  • Preparation of materials, modules and obtain necessary qualification and training, with experts, professionals or various interest groups in all areas of Economics and Law, to enable them to undergo examination state and benefit of professional titles;
  • Preparation of materials, modules and obtain necessary qualifications and training, specialists, professionals or various interest group in all fields of economy, politics, law and general all development and integration needs of the Albanian society.

ISAB intends to support the academic staff and students of the Professional Business academy operating within the Faculty effective services, based on oriented research centers by field of university studies such as social, economic and legal studies. Institute aims to prepare and implement the conditions to provide “lifelong education”, specialists, experts and professionals through qualifications for capacity building and professional expertise, conducting tests for all individuals and professionals who are interested to participate in processes obtaining professional titles.


In this optics, ISAB develops Training Courses for the “National and International Standards of Accounting and Financial Reporting and enhancing the professional capacities needed for their implementation”. Develop training for specialists and professionals in the field of Accounting, Auditing, Banking, Insurance Companies, Corporate, Public and Private Companies, etc.


The main goal of this training program is to supplement with the necessary knowledge and depth of these specialists and professionals, related to international accounting developments, the basic rules of evaluation of elements of financial statements under IFRS, for the organization, bookkeeping, preparation of statements, general purpose financial standards and their audit.


This training is in the service to candidates who want to compete to win the title “Adopted Accounting” Registered or  Certified Public Accountant. Certificate issued for KAS an IAS simultaneously. It is recognized by the ILAE and Certification Authority for the purpose of registering for the exam. The training also worked graduation exams for Expert past years or Adopted Accounting.


Note: The number of winning candidates in state exams, who are trained every year at the University College of Business, is about 15% more than the average of the Republic.

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