Facilities have an important role in fulfilling the mission and objectives of KUB, such as material resources, logistics, and other services for students and staff. KUB has 2 building (4 floors) with a favorable position has created the opportunity to realize highly effective educational activities and scientific teaching. The buildings as a whole have enough spaces not only for teaching and learning but also for practical training for all study programs as well as all necessary service related.

Facilities are modern interior with more functional spaces for the development of all learning activities. Lectures, seminars, and labs are held in rooms with audiovisual tools that facilitate teaching and lecturing-student communication. KUB has an available then area of about 5000m².

In our environments is including:

  • Large rooms, modern and convenient for lectures and seminars;
  • Offices for academic staff, administration, and supporters filled with all necessary equipment;
  • Computer labs, electrical and mechanics labs;
  • Library and study hall;
  • Internet café and green and relaxing environments.

Building A

Building B

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