Mission & Vision

 Our Mission

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS, as an institution of higher education was born as an free enterprise initiative, based on a philosophy of quality education, with modern standards and with intent to contribute with seriousness and dignity in the education of new generations and to contribute to the growth of prosperity , welfare and development in our country. Our academy has been grown as a result of our experience of our founders of this institution with a long professional academic career. The high professionalism that us unique and a tutorial style that we apply has consolidated a culture of academic and personal support for students carefully.

University College of Business bases its mission relying on academic standards and principles and aims:

  • to perform, create, transmit, develop and protect knowledge through teaching, research and service to form the top specialists and prepare young scientists;
  • to integrate teaching and research;
  • to provide the opportunity to benefit from higher education throughout life;
  • to help economic and social development at national and regional level;
  • to support strategic priorities and interests for developing the country;
  • to promote international cooperation in the field of higher education;
  • to contribute to raising the standards of democracy and civilization of society and in preparing young people for such a society.

Our institution is characterized by accountability and commitment to quality achievements, with the aim to be competitive in the quality of the preparation of specialists in the field of economy and in the field of justice. KUB has developed its strategic project of national diversity in education, the expansion of democratization and institutional reform with a view to modernization and European integration. Programs of study ‘’University College of Business‘’ are designed adapting to the demands of the Bologna Declaration, which enable the transfer of credits and academy mobility and to encourage our partners abroad.

Our vision

Our vision is to strengthen its profile in the market of Higher Education that competes in this market through the values it offers, with standards well defined in the academic identity of a staff recognized in education and science, mainly in the fields of economic and jurisprudence. KUB’s vision focuses on the transformation of this institution of higher education at a high level aiming for thinking globally and cultivating cosmopolitan awareness and promoting a new culture of learning and innovation.

Our vision is:

  • To strengthen heritage of scientific and academic reputation for creating a model of education that combines high academic standards with the most sophisticated applications;
  • To be a proactive institution who looks to the future, and which corresponds to expectations for a change, teaching models and opportunities for exchange in knowledge in a spirit of cooperation.
  • To use modern knowledge to change the life prospects of generations of students, and contributing to the shaping of a new generation of productive and prosperous society.
  • To enable an academic offer flexible, creating an active experience for our students, applied research with the recognition of updated services with to the business and entrepreneurship, for playing a key role in the development of networks that support international connections through our partners and associates.


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