As is already expressed in the vision and mission of KUB, here the combination of theory and practice is present in the whole learning process, so the library is one of the great assets of KUB.

With a capacity of about 6500 volumes, organized in an open system with titles arranged by categories and disciplines of teaching, where within the same space is organized and study hall with a capacity of about 60 seats.

Expect the books, in this hall, there are 4 computers (laptop) for different online research. Besides the books, KUB offers the opportunity  of online research in well-known subscription library like Questia, Academia.ed, etc., where students have the opportunity to browse over than 58.000 books and 10 million articles.

Click here to browse our Online Library
This library serves for all students, academic staff, researchers and partners of KUB.

Also, students can browse free library like:





Our institution invest every years for improving and increasing the number of books from different disciplines.

The library is open Monday – Friday 08:30-15:00 and 16:00 – 19:00

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader!

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