Law Clinic


The Law Clinic at University College of Business aims to provide free legal advice to people with economic hardships in order to afford legal aid. It is supported and operates as part of the volunteer work offered by the students of the Faculty of Law, more specifically by the students of the third year as well as Master’s students due to their knowledge in the three areas of law.


More specifically the “Law Clinic” aims to:

  1. Involve students in the preparation of legal opinions, drafting of documents and various legal acts.
  2. Increase the quality of legal education
  3. Provide primary legal assistance to people with economic hardships
  4. Improve skills in the field of justice through practical training.
  5. Selected students will be engaged at the clinic until the end of the 2019-2020 academic year. (students’ inclusion in one year is realized in order to engage as many students as possible).
  6. For students of Master of Science, this period will be recognized as a professional internship, for the purpose of fulfilling university obligations.
  7. Recognize and further promote the name of the KUB (it emphasizes cooperation and partnership with other clinics).
  8. Students will thus be able to work directly with clients as well as benefit from practical training, etc.
  9. Organize various training’s with the students of “Law Clinic”, as well as activating them in different activities.
  10. Organization of motivating fields.
  11. For Master’s students, the clinic will be recognized as being equivalent to attending teaching practice.
  12. At the end of the process the participants will be provided with a “Certificate”, or bonuses.

Functioning of the Law Clinic.

The law clinic is a new mechanism that operates in the Faculty of Law, University College of Business. The Head of the Department of Public Law selects and directs the requests according to their respective fields to the experts as well as to the academic staff.

Supervisory staff:

PhD. Matilda Meta      (Department of Public Law)

PhD. Erinda Ahmetaj  (Department of Criminal Law)

PhD. Elsa Haxha          (Department of Civil Law)

Msc. Ardian Kasapi, Lawyer

PhD. Dritan Kruja, Lawyer

PhD. Alket Jaupi, Lawyer

PhD. Erinda Male, Lawyer

PhD. Elton Musa, Lawyer


Application Criteria:

  1. Candidate must be a law student in Bachelor, Third Year of studies, or Master of Science in Civil, Commercial or Criminal Law;
  2. Candidate must have the average of studies over 8;
  3. Candidate must have good communication and teamwork skills, and a desire to volunteer in the community.
  4. Students interested in applying should submit a letter of interest to the following e-mail: [email protected]

Location of the Law Clinic.                                     

The clinic is located at University College of Business, Building A;

Reception hours: 9.00-14.00;

From Monday to Friday

Tel: +355 42 454893

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