Integration of the University College of Business in the Erasmus + Program

Erasmus + is a European Union (EU) program that financially supports a number of activities in the fields of Education, Training, Youth and Sports for the period 2014-2020. Erasmus + builds on the experience and success of previous EU educational programs (Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Alfa, Edulink, etc.) and supports international student exchanges, academic and administrative staff, the circulation of best practices among high educational institutions and strengthening relations between education and the labor market. The program has been prepared by the European Commission.

Within Erasmus + University College of Business is a partner institution with Higher Education Institutions in different countries for the Erasmus + Program in terms of mobility development staff / student in oucoming and incoming as follows:

  • Baltic International Academy, Ria, Latvia
  • International University of Novi Pazar,Sebia
  • FINAL INTERNATIONAL University, Cyprus
  • Andrei Saguna University, Romania
  • University of Petrosani, Rumani
  • Smilevski Business Academy, Northern Macedonia
  • University of Information Science and Technology “Saint Paul the Apostle, Northern Macedonia
  • University College of Applied Sciences “ALYTAUS”, Lithuania
  • Mariampole College, Lithuania
  • Ljubljana School of Business, Slloveni

Agreements related to foreign HEIs following from the General Cooperation Agreement between the two Institutions, the Bilateral Cooperation Agreement and the Erasmus + / KA107 Agreement but not only. The University College of Business is continuing its path by taking safe steps towards a successful future.

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