The University College of Business (UCB) as a non-public institution of higher education, marks its beginnings of activity in the Albanian higher education system in the academic year 2011-2012 under the name “Professional Business Academy” (KUB). APB was born as an initiative of free enterprise, relying on the created conditions and circumstances, as a real opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the philosophy of Albanian education, with contemporary standards and with a clear intention to contribute with seriousness and dignity in the education of the younger generations as well as to contribute to the increase of prosperity, well-being and development in our country.

APB was established pursuant to law no. 9741, dated 21.05.2007, “On higher education in the Republic of Albania (LAL)” and has functioned based on DCM no. 651, dated 14.09.2011 “On the licensing of the” Professional Business Academy “as an Institution of Higher Education.

By Order no. 3, dated 05.01.2012 of the Minister of Education and Science (MES), APB has been provided with a permit to start teaching, research and academic activity of study programs in accordance with the license granted, starting its academic activity from the beginning of the academic year 2011-2012, in both its faculties (Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Law). In line with the vision and strategic development, KUB expanded its mission by offering Higher Professional Studies with a main unit, the College of Higher Professional Studies (CHPS), which started its activity by order of MASR Nr. 139 dated 23.03.2018, with two study programs.

The first institutional accreditation of UCB was done by Order of MES, No. 557, dated 16.11.2012, “On the institutional accreditation of the Professional Academy of Business”, and periodic accreditation, with Decision of BA no. 100 dated 10.11.2017 “On the Periodic Accreditation of the Institution of Higher Education Professional Business Academy” today the University College of Business, as well as the partial institutional accreditation, due to the opening of the College of Higher Professional Studies, by order of MASR No. 139 dated 23.03.2018 “On the opening of the main unit”Based on the law no. 80/2015 “On Higher Education and Scientific Research in Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Albania” and its mission, KUB offers study programs and issues the relevant diploma in:

The first cycle of studies,

 ☑️ Faculty of Economy

Program: Bachelor in Economics (3 academic years 180 ECTS), Profiles:

     ☑️Finance Accounting

     ☑️Business Administration

     ☑️Banks and Financial Institutions

Program : Business Informatics (3 academic years 180 ECTS)

Program : Information Technology (3 academic years 180 ECTS)


 ☑️Faculty of Law and Political Science

     ☑️Integrated study program “Master of Laws” (5 academic years 300 ECTS)

     ☑️Political Science (3 academic years 180 ECTS)

     ☑️International Relations (3 academic years 180 ECTS)


The second cycle of studies

 ☑️Faculty of Economy

Master of Science Program in “Financial Accounting” (2 academic years 120 ECTS), with Profiles:

     ☑️Accounting Finance

     ☑️Audit Accounting

Master of Science Program in “Business Management” (2 years 120 ECTS), with Profiles:

     ☑️Business Management

     ☑️Marketing Management

     ☑️Public Administration

Master of Science Program in “Computer Science” (2 years 120 ECTS), with Profiles:

     ☑️Business Informatics

     ☑️Information Technology

     ☑️E-commerce and Innovation 

Program “Professional Master in Economics” (1 & 2 academic years 60 & 120 ECTS) with Profiles:

     ☑️Accounting Finance

     ☑️Business Management


At the Faculty of Law and Political Science

    ☑️Master of Science Program in “Civil and Commercial Law” (2 academic years 120 ECTS)

    ☑️Master of Science Program “Criminal Law” (2 years 120 ECTS)


Higher Professional Studies

 ☑️In the College of Higher Professional Studies (CHPS)

Program “Senior Assistant” (2 academic years 120 ECTS), with Profiles:

     ☑️Senior Administrative Assistant

     ☑️Senior Financial Assistant

     ☑️Senior Legal Assistant

Programi “ Senior Technician ”(2 academic years 120 ECTS), with Profiles:

    ☑️Senior Computer Systems Technician

    ☑️Senior Electrical Systems Technician

    ☑️Senior Motor Systems Technician

All curricula offered by the Faculty of Economics, Law and Political Science as well as CHPS at UCB, are accredited, and licensed.

UCB in these years of its activity, has grown both qualitatively and quantitatively. This has come as a result of:

  • experience and long academic and professional career of the founders of this Institution;
  • care in the selection of elite academic staff in the field of higher education;
  • rigor in adhering to academic and legal standards;
  • creativity in teaching processes;
  • building healthy and functional relationships with students;
  • building and consolidating a climate of relationships and a favorable academic culture for staff and students, etc.


Thanks to these values, UCB already has a name in the higher education market but also in the employment market. He has so far graduated many economists and lawyers who are engaged in responsible functions and duties in central government institutions, the prime minister, ministries or other local government structures. This year he graduated professionals with a 2-year higher study program filling a gap in the employment market in the country. Thus, both the public and the private sector have welcomed graduate students in KUB study programs, providing over 90% of their employees.

UCB has already decided on a balance of values like rarely ever. They are visible and tangible to the demands of the labor market in all its dimensions. This balance is observed both in the quality of the education process and in the expansion of the mission, offering degrees of broad professionalism for the labor market, such as those of the first cycle of Bachelor studies, in the field of political science, information technology and International Relations, as well as those of the second cycle Master, diplomas which have given their verdict.

By order of MASR no. 139 dated 23.03.2018 For the opening of the main unit “College of Higher Professional Studies” (CHPS), UCB offers a new innovation in the way of consolidating its values.

The two basic units of CHPS, the Department of Higher Administrative Studies and the Department of Higher Technical Studies, are representatives of the two core programs with three profiles each. These basic units offer for the labor market 6 new diplomas of assistant / senior technician.

The first graduates of 2019-2020 mark a new page in the history of UCB who will surely be an impetus for new developments of UCB.

Based on these foundations, wealth and didactic, academic, legal, structural, infrastructural, traditional and innovative values and values, KUB works diligently realizing the mission of  to be an increasingly attractive, competitive and elite institution in the education and employment market. Year after year, he has built very functional relationships with various private and state entities, national and international in order to educate and qualify his students but also to improve and update the curricula of study programs.

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