Faculty of Law

Law’s Faculty motto “Veritas, Virtus, Libertas”, is made this way in order to fill perfectly all the standards of a faculty where new generation of jurists is being prepared. To the students of the Faculty of Law is given the opportunity to study in two cycles “Bachelor & Master”.


The Faculty of Law offers:

a) Bachelor in:

  1. Justice (3 years, 180 Etc);
  2. Business Law (3 years, 180 Etc).


After completing successfully the first cycle “Bachelor”, graduates can work in oriented professions such as lawyers and legal advisors in public and private institutions.

b) Master of Science in:

  1. Criminal Law (2 years, 120 ECTS);
  2. Civil & Commercial Law (2 years, 120 ECTS);


After completing this Master, all students with the title “MSc” have the right to compete for the continuation of studies for Prosecutors and Judges at Magistrate School. Profit “MSc” is a prerequisite set by National Chamber for registration as an Assistant lawyer and then to Advocacy exam submission.

All the students who have finished this round can be employed in public and private sectors, such as business, commercial houses, legal office, etc.

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