Bachelor Study Programs

The dynamic of economic development, the growth in number and size of businesses as well as the increasing complexity of commercial transactions remain key drivers in developing our profiles of degrees and programs relevant modules.

Faculty of Economics offers study programs of the first cycle, Bachelor in Economics (3 academic years, 180 Etc), in four profiles:

  1. Finance Accounting;
  2. Business Management;
  3. Bank and Financial Institutions;
  4. Business Informatics;
  5. Information Technology 

This study system is built in accordance with the Bologna Documents, Law No. 9741, dated 21.05.2007 “On Higher Education and Science” dated 04.04.2008 “On the organization of studies at public institutions of higher education” and requirements of the time.

Development of the curriculum considers and evaluates the useful of having the content of courses students involved in the programs of study considering that students will live and work in a global economy, diverse and competitive.

Faculty of Law offers programs of first cycle Bachelor (3 academic years, 180 Etc), two programs of study:

  1. 5-year Integrated Studies in the Master of Science in “Law”

Two programs of this cycle of studies, provide richer curricula and attractive in preparing students for the future professions in the field of justice. After successful completion of the first cycle, graduates can work in professions such as lawyers and legal advisors in public and private sectors.

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